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Smartvizx India pvt ltd Automaion test engineer Manual testing,Selenium,RestAPI Interview Experience

Smartvizx India pvt ltd

Job Role - Automaion test engineer

Location - Bangalore

Date of interview - 02/05/2019

Interview Details

Tools : Manual testing,Selenium,RestAPI

Years of Experience : 3.3

Diffuculty Level : Average

Interview Mode : Not Mentioned

Job Offer Letter : No

Interview Process

Telephonic interview

Interview Questions

1.Tell me about the flow of manual testing that you perform in current project.
2.Which methodology do you use in your current project?
3.Tell me some terminologies used in Agile methodology.
4.What is Sanity testing?
5.What is Smoke testing?
6.What testing do you perform first when code is deployed in test environment?
7.If suppose tomorrow is last date for application delivery and you found bug then what will be your approach?
8.How to create Bug in Jira?
9.How to create Bug in QC?
10.Tell me about some terminology in Jira like Issues, Epic, Stories etc.
11."WebDriver driver = new fireFoxDriver();" what is the function of "WebDriver" here?
12."WebDriver driver = new fireFoxDriver();" in this line of code which OOPs concept is used?
13.What is abstraction?
14.What do you mean by inheritance?
15.Difference between Inheritance and abstraction?
16.What is interface?
17.What are the various locators do you use?
18.What is constructor?
19.There is a scenario to register in a webpage . First condition is user is able to register and able to navigate to next page ,second scenario is user is getting error while registering. What will be your approach for this considering manual testing?
20.Which framework do you use?
21.Tell me about some annotation in TestNG.
22.Which main annotation is used in TestNG for main method?
23.What is POM?
24.Why do we use it?
25.Will you be able to develop a framework from the scratch?
26.What is restAPI?
27.What are the different methods used in Postman?
28.What was your role as an API tester?