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Siemens Performance Engineer JMeter Interview Experience


Job Role - Performance Engineer

Location - Bangalore

Date of interview - 23/03/2019

Interview Details

Tools : JMeter

Years of Experience : 3

Diffuculty Level : Easy

Interview Mode : 1:1

Job Offer Letter : No

Interview Process

The overall interview experience was very good. I had to report at around 9.30. Soon after I reached the Siemens office, We were asked to submit our resumes. After waiting for about 10 minutes, We were taken for interviews. There were around 15-20 candidates came for the interview. Multiple people started taking interviews. It was one to one. I had to wait and gave interview around 11 O'clock. The interview process was very smooth.

Once I entered, he asked me to sit and started going through my resume. He also pointed out why performance experience was not mentioned in the resume. He asked very basic questions of JMeter. The interview went for around 15-20 minutes.

Interview Questions

1. Tell us about the current project.
2. What are thread groups in JMeter?
3. What is preprocessor?
4. What is postprocessor?
5. What is the difference between preprocessor and postprocessor? Explain with example
6. What is a regular expression? I was given a statement and he wanted me to check if three words are there in the statement.