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Cognizant Automaion test engineer Selenium and UFT Interview Experience


Job Role - Automaion test engineer

Location - Bangalore

Date of interview - 10/05/2019

Interview Details

Tools : Selenium and UFT

Years of Experience : 3.3

Diffuculty Level : Difficult

Interview Mode : 1:1

Job Offer Letter : Yes (Accepted)

Interview Process

Face to Face

Interview Questions

1st Round:
1.Tell me about yourself.
2.How your project is integrated with the framework?
3.Which framework do you use?
5.What is local object repository and shared object repository?
6.Can we edit shared object repository?
7.If an action has both local and shared object repository with same object properties ,then which object repository will be used ?
8.What is object repository?
9.What is environment variable?
10.Which version of UFT are you using?
11.What is Smart identification?
12.What is ordinal identifier?
13.If you have a string Cognizant and you want to print the position of z .How you will do it?
14.How do you work with excel sheet?
15.What is difference between child item and child object?
16. How do you initiate web browser in UFT?
***********Selenium questions*************************
1.Which framework do you use?
2.What is the difference between Selenium and QTP?
3.Why one should prefer Selenium over QTP if money and license is not a problem?
4.What is POM?
5.WHat is Key driver and data driven framework?

2nd round:
1.Tell me about yourself.
2.Tell me about the flow of execution in your project.
3.How do you import excel sheet?
4. If you want to make some changed in particular row of excel sheet , how will you do it?
5.For registration page ,how will you tell your script that registration is done and pass the test?
6.How will you print the Registration number?
7.Can you edit the run time object properties?
8.What the various SetTOProperties and GetROProperties?
9.How do you run Batches in UFT?
10.What are different recording modes available in UFT and what are the differences?
11.How do you validate if the registration is done for registration page?
12.What is array?
13.How will you print 'Krishna' from your full name 'Murari Krishna'
14.Write syntax for child object creation.
15.Write syntax for while ,for loop and if condition.
16.I want to save the script report with some name . How can I do it?
17.What is environment variable?
18.How many types of ordinal identifiers are there?
19. Which ordinal identifiers you prefer to use most?
20.What is descriptive programming?
21.Write SQL query for printing a particular row from a DB2 Table.
22. What is recovery scenario?
23. Do recovery scenario need manual intervention?
24.What is sync property?
25. Difference between sync and wait properties?
26.How do you connect database with UFT?
27.Have you done SAP testing with selenium?
28.If you have 6 scripts in a file and you want to run on random selected scripts say 2 and 5 . How you will do it?