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Cognizant API Testing SOAP UI, Groovy Interview Experience


Job Role - API Testing

Location - Chennai

Date of interview - 15/02/2019

Interview Details

Tools : SOAP UI, Groovy

Years of Experience : 3

Diffuculty Level : Average

Interview Mode : 1:1

Job Offer Letter : No

Interview Process

I got a call from a consultancy and asked if I am available for face to face interview for API testing. I agreed and my interview time was set at 9.30-11.30 AM. I went at around 10 AM. To my surprise, there was a huge crowd waiting as if it was a walk in drive. I submitted my resume to one of the consulting people and my wait period started. To my surprise the wait was till 4 and I was not sure whether they would be taking interview or not.

At around 4.PM, I was assigned an interviewer. The place was fully crowded. I was welcomed and I sat for a technical round. The interview process was good but I was not fit for the job role. The interview experience was average.

Interview Questions

1. Tell us about your project and your job role
2. He looked at my resume and asked me what is Agile.
3. What is the difference between Agile and Kanban?
4. Scenario-based question (Basically from the test framework)
Suppose you have multiple folders which contain test resources, and you are asked to automate the whole test scenarios. What could be your approach?
5. Do you Groovy? Can you define a variable in groovy
6. How many test cases do you have in your project and which tools do you use for API automation.